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Assisted Reproductive Laboratory Services

Andrology laboratory services

  • Comprehensive semen analysis according to WHO criteria

Sperm Function Tests to evaluate fertilizing ability of spermatozoa

  • Sperm forward progression assessment
  • Strict sperm morphology assessment
  • Swim up recovery assessment test
  • Sperm survival test (SST)

Sperm DNA assessment for embryo quality & miscarriage

  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test
  • Sperm-DNA-fragmentation

Semen Processing for Intra-uterine Insemination

  • Classical Swim up Method
  • Standard Swim-up Method
  • Gradient Method
  • SEPD Method (mimics natural semen processing and conception)

Embryology laboratory services

  • In Vitro Fertilization –Short co-incubation
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for ejaculated, epididymal and testicular spermatozoa
  • Laser assisted hatching of embryos for better implantation

Cryopreservation services for gametes and embryos

  • Semen Freezing and storage
  • Testicular tissue freezing and storage
  • Embryo vitrification and storage (100% survival)

Success Stories

What our patients have to say about us:

I underwent an IVF treatment at the Gynaecology and Fertility Centre. I was not shy to ask questions, and the staff there was very nice and coorperative. I trusted the doctor, who by the way was very patient. I was not scared to go ahead with the treatment and now i am 13 weeks pregnant. Thank you very much everybody. I am so happy!
L.M from Seychelles

My chances to conceive naturally were practically zero. After an ectopic pregnacy, my left tube had to be removed. A few months later, I learnt that my right tube was also blocked after a laparoscopy. For me, it was the end of the world. The last solution was IVF. I tried it with no great hope and I become pregnant with my twin boys. Who says that miracle do not happen! My twins are now the lucky brothers of their little sister thanks to science.
M.C from Port Louis

My name is A.R and my experience at infertility clinic was really unforgetable and full of emotions. After years of married life we want to be parents as all couples do dream. We are 7 years old married couple and have no child; we tried all types of medicines and treatment but in vain. Firstly, we went to see a doctor and after some tests done, we were informed that we have some infertility problems and at first it was really difficult for us to accept the reality. We has lost hopes, but as we can say that “we see a ray of light in the end of a tunnel.” Cannot explain.

We seek help at the Gynaecology and Fertility Centre and we were most welcomed. At start, we were a little hesitated and have many questions about the infertility treatment but due to the kindness of the staffs, all our questions were being answered and they made us at ease. On our sides, there was surely a positive thinking  and full faith on god and the support of our family. Then start the infertility treatment which ends with a positive pregnancy report. We do still remember the day when we were confirmed that i’m pregnant and our joy bounds no limit. By the great help of Dr. M. S. beebeejaun and all his staff of the Gynaecology and Fertility Centre, we have been blessed with twins (Girls), and we are the happiest parents of the world.

Lastly, we do request all couples who are having infertility problems not to lose hopes but instead be positive and surely do seek help from the Gynaecology and Fertility Centre as there is a will there is a way.

My husband and I wholeheartedly thank the team of Gynaecology and Fertility Centre for the smiles and support they bring to  our family and life.

A.R from Bambous

Dear Dr Seedick Beebeejaun
My wife (Teeshka) and myself wish to thank Dr Seedick Beebeejaun and all of his staff who have given us such a wonderful treatment during my wife pregnancy time. It warms our heart and gives us such a great joy. After so many years, we went to see Dr Seedick Beebeejaun and from that time we were very confident. The treatment and the service of the staff are just amazing and today with the wonderful treatment and loving care have shown great result. You have made our dreams of having a complete family come true.

You were truly a gift to my wife and our child. We want to say ‘thank you’ for the safe delivery of our baby ‘Rhea’. You are a truly remarkable doctor and compassionate doctor.

Thank you, Doctor. It was because of you that our child saw the first light of day. We could never thank you enough for your awesome professional care you have given to my wife and daughter during the delivery.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful treatment that you gave us and today.

We will highly recommend everyone new couple to visit you and we take this opportunity to thank your wonderful staff with amazing service.

Best Regards,

Teesha, Neekesh and our lovely baby girl (Rhea)

Je suis A.M de Pointe aux Sables. En 2014, j’ai perdu un bébé à 20 semaines de grossesse et en 2015 un autre bébé à 25 semaines de grossesse malgré un cerclage posé à 22 semaines. Malheureusement le médecin qui me suivait n’avait pas de d’explication ou de solution a ce problème. Mais notre désir d’enfant était plus fort que tout. Alors sous conseil de certains amis nous consultâmes le Dr Seedick Beebeejaun en octobre 2015. Suite à cette visite, j’ai eu recours à plusieurs tests dont un couple karyotyping pour être sure que génétiquement tout était positif. Puis le médecin conseilla de faire un curetage car suite à une analyse de l’utérus, il constata que certains restes des pertes précédentes étaient encore présents. Mon mari et moi avions des vitamines à prendre au quotidien et ensuite j’ai eu un cervical cerclage par laparoscopy avant la conception pour éviter une autre perte. Je fus enceinte en avril et ce fut le début d’un long combat. Je devais rester au lit pendant toute la grossesse et éviter les sorties. J’avais des injections tour les lundis, un régime alimentaire strict et des ovules à mettre au quotidien. Les semaines furent une épreuve mais au final, j’ai eu recours à une césarienne à 37 semaines de grossesse et nous sommes le sheurieux parents d’un petit garcon de 3.1kg.

Nous pouvons remercier le Dr. Seedick Beebeejaun et son équipe pour le travail accompli et de nous avoir redonné l’espoir la ou d’autre médecin n’avait pas de solutions. Les interventions furent dificile mais le résultats fut notre récompense.

Merci pout tout.


I am S.B from eau Coulee. My husband and I are married since 7 years, and unfortunately we do not have chhildren. In spite of our several visit to many gynaecologists, we tried everything but in vain. One day, while doing one of my client facial (I am aesthetician), she told me she is pregnant, and that she was following a treatment from gynecologist at the Gynaecology and Fertility Centre. So my husband and I tried our last chance at the clinic. Several tests (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and sperm analysis for my husband) were done, and following three years of treatment with Dr. M.S. Beebeejaun, I finally conceive thriugh IVF. Now i am 7 months pregnant and I am really happy. The nurses and embryologists at the clinic are well trained, and I thanked them for their moral support. I really advise those women having difficulty in conceiving to go to the Gynaecology and Fertility Centre. Dr. M.S. beebeejaun is the best!
S.B from eau Coulee